OM WITH JEROME: A 30-hour intensive online yoga training 


Do you want to improve your physical practice and get stronger, more flexible, and have better balance? Do you want to go deeper into the powerful energetic yoga techniques of pranayama, mantras, kriyas, and meditation? Then come to this training. 


The OWJ training is open for students and teachers alike. Jerome will provide you with a yoga sequence and manual that has in depth descriptions of what you will learn. 


You will start every morning with pranayama, kriyas, mantras or kirtan, then practice the sequence Jerome developed for you. The sequence may be modified as a simple class, or can be used by teachers to teach intermediate to advanced classes. Poses will be explained and the body will be prepared to do them. There will be many new and playful variations that will make you feel like a child again. 


Everyday you will have asana and transition breakdowns, a Q & A session, and then conclude with meditation/yoga nidra. We will also have an inversion workshop to help you understand how to teach and practice the scary things so they are not so scary.


Join Jerome for this wonderful and unique journey. OM...


9 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 6, 7, 13, 14, 27, 28 


Price: 400 EUR

Bio: Jerome Burdi is an 800-hour certified Dharma Yoga teacher from New York City. He teaches master and all levels workshops in yoga schools around the world. His website is​

For more info and registration call  Selena at +39.346.151.1120  or send us an email