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Patrick Beach 4 Day Intensive - Awakening Yoga Practice

Quattro giorni intensivi di pratica con Patrick Beach accreditati 20 ore CEU. Workshop Verticali e Workshop Arm balance

Patrick Beach 4 Day Intensive - Awakening Yoga Practice
Patrick Beach 4 Day Intensive - Awakening Yoga Practice

Orario & Sede

20 ott 2022, 10:30 – 23 ott 2022, 16:30

Milano, Milano MI, Italia

Info sull'evento

4 Day Intensive - Awakening Yoga Practice Intensive (20 Hours of CEU)

Our Yoga practice can walk two paths, one of ritual or one of routine. This practice intensive is designed to bring your asana back to life. The Awakening Yoga practice is built on the foundation of ritual asana, focusing on functional movement and individualized alignment. By acknowledging that each body is unique, powerful, and purposeful, this practice allows students to understand their physicality better.

We all have a certain level of coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, and natural predisposition that serve as tools in our movement toolboxes. To become more aware, we must immerse ourselves in practice, moving away from outward aesthetics and self-observation.

Through this four-day learning experience, you will become fully versed in the Awakening Yoga movement system, be introduced to the practice methodology, and discover new awareness of yourself. Join in on this inspiring yoga journey, break your habits, explore new possibilities, and flourish with us!

This is less specifically “teacher” focused and aimed at practitioners looking to learn about the Awakening Yoga practice style in depth. We cover the philosophical roots, biomechanics, movement patterns, and bio-individuality approach of Awakening Yoga to adapt to a wide range of practitioners.

No previous Yoga Teacher Training course is required to take this training.

Daily Schedule:  Thursday and Friday: 10.30-12.30am  (break) 3.00-6.00pm (@Spazio Garibaldi77, Corso Garibaldi 77, MM2 Moscova)

Saturday and Sunday: 12.00-2.00 (break) 3.00-6.00pm, @Formainarte, Via Villoresi 26, MM2Romolo)

Cost 550EUR per student (490 EARLY BIRD)

Workshop Discovering the Handstand (2.5 hours) - 60EUR

Together we will break down the practice of getting upside down using the unique principles of Awakening Yoga. By honing in on the balance between mobility & stability, we will learn to glide through practice with efficiency, grace, and lightness. Using these intelligent alignment principles and newfound deep core awareness, we will explore a variety of arm balances and handstands from top to bottom.

All levels are welcome to this fun journey into practice.

Date: Saturday 22/10/2022 - from 9.00 till 11.30, @Formainarte, Via Villoresi 26, MM2Romolo

Workshop Fly Higher - Arm Balancing Exploration & Technique (2.5 hours) - 60EUR

Learn to glide through your practice with lightness as we explore how we can utilize our unique strengths to find lift-off! Using efficient alignment principles and exploratory body awareness, we will build our arm balances from the ground up. As the practice grows, we can take these arm balances with us along the way, honing in on the ever-important transitions between postures as we float and fly with grace.

Date: Sunday 23/10/2022 - from 9.00 till 11.30, @Formainarte, Via Villoresi 26, MM2Romolo

All levels are welcome to this fun exploration of the practice. Join in as we grow wings and prepare for take-off!

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