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Laura Piai discovers Yoga thanks to her mother's books, or rather, the Yoga finds her. In her early years, following a surgery, she approached Tai Chi's practice with Francesco Pagliaro of the Parsifal Association in Milan. What she immediately senses is Energy moving and turning through practice, and later for her Yoga becomes a natural tool to root this energy into the body. The alchemy of practice comes in 1998, with a gentle guide of mantra songs that teaches her to dissolve the deeper parts of herself. Laura also studies pranayama with Manuela Leone and Beatrice Calcagno. In addition to science of breath, she finds great inspiration in Paola Morales poetry, whose voice attracts her as a perfumed nectar.

Laura Piai 

Parallel to Yoga practice, she specializes in Craniosacral Therapy. The aptitude for listening, through the hands, coupled with the profound knowledge of the functioning of the human body, consolidated through the degree in Biology, allows her to harmoniously combine, through the lessons and therapies, all the elements of the human being. Yoga becomes a tool to bring awareness to body feeling, and a body a technology that activates through breathing and alignment. The decision to enroll in the training course at Hamsa (Free School of Hatha Yoga), under the direction of Master Maurizio Morelli, comes as a fundamental step to acquire the elements for a correct teaching. Freedom and knowledge, passion and dedication to life, majestic generosity and kindness: these are the ingredients that she seeks in the long hours of practice between anatomy, philosophy and alignment research. Her lessons are thus transformed into harmonious integration between different types of yoga: therapeutic-postural, shamanic-transformative and meditative, accompanied by the color and sound of Tibetan bells. Each session is different from the other, but they all originate from the Listening.

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