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Luca Compare

Luca Compare (Swami Attit) practiced and taught martial arts for 27 years, reaching the highest level in Shotokan and Shaolin Mon. In the early 80s he approaches Yoga. In 1993, he discovers Osho’s phylosophy obtaining the Sannyas and certifying as a rebirth facilitator and shamanic trainer in India at the Osho Umaniversity, and in Trance Dance with Frank Natale. He then studies and certifies to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with David Swenson, Ron Reid and Marla. He deepens the Power Yoga method according to the Blanchard standards. In 2012 he meets Vinay Kumar and in 2014 receives Authorization to teach Prana Vashya Yoga. In 2015 he studies Hatha Yoga with Master Ramesh Kumar and Biodance with Rolando Toro.

Luca teaches Prana Vashya and Backbending.

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