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Marta Sclafani 

The first approach of Marta with the Yoga takes place in 2000, during a course of Hatha Yoga. Immediately she got fascinated by this ancient Indian discipline and started to practice it with passion. After a few years she discovered the Vinyasa method and finally the Ashtanga Yoga, which she still practice with great dedication studying it with well-known masters like Lino Miele, Eddie Stern, David Swenson.

At 12 years from the beginning of her practice, Marta begins a training path that leads her to graduate as a teacher of Hatha Yoga at the Free School of Hatha Yoga by Maurizio Morelli. In the meantime, she moved to Frankfurt in Germany, where she completed her training in Vinyasa Yoga at the Vinyasa Power Yoga Akademie and in Yoga pregnancy.

Since 2012 she teaches Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga during pregnancy and Yoga for children both in Milan and in Frankfurt, through collective and individual training courses. Thanks to her teaching experience with the employees of the headquarters of Lufthansa in Frankfurt, she also organizes courses Yoga for companies. She teaches in Italian, English and German.

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