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Martina Sergi is a certified yoga teacher of vinyasa yoga. Her first love was artistic gymnastics, sport she did at a competitive level for six years. She discovered yoga during her master studies, in a moment of self discovery and she fell in love with it.

This passion grew to the point that she decided to change her life completely. Right after she graduated in architecture, she started a new chapter of her life and started attending a teacher training course in Milan and became a certified yoga teacher.

She teaches yoga full time in several yoga studios in Milan, both in Italian and in English, and she teaches masterclasses and workshops both in Italy and abroad.

According to Martina, the practice of yoga is a moment for yourself, to listen to yourself, to know yourself and to learn to love yourself. She thinks that the practice allows us to learn to appreciate ourselves more, both our body and our mind. During the practice you get to face you fears and your limits and you learn how to overcome them. She thinks that being on a mat, practicing yoga, helps us learn how to face the world outside of it mindfully, with strength and love. This love is what she hopes to bring to her students.

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