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Iranian by origin, born in Milan in the 1970's, she has been traveling all her life between Los Angeles, where her family lives and her birthplace. Since childhood, she was interested in studying the body and its movement. She has frequented classical dance for many years in Margot Fonteyn's school in  in Milan and Carolyn Carlson's contemporary school. Here begins her very first experience as a teacher at the course for the youngest dancers. 

In the 90's in India she discovered Hâta yoga. In 2000 she radically revolutionized her life with the practice of ashtanga yoga with Luca Compare, one of hers great references together with Lino Miele and other internationally renowned masters. She then attends and follows the practices of Kundalini with Guru Singh, Prana Yoga Flow with Carolina Goldberg and B.K.S Iyengar yoga Istituire of Los Angeles . She decides to transform her passion into a bigger reason of life by attending yoga Alliance at Yoga Works in Los Angeles with internationally renowned teachers including Patricia Gregori and Dona Holleman. 



Without interrupting the numerous workshops in Italy and abroad, she falls in love with Shiva Rea's specific practices. The desire to deepen it, she went back to the constant study and practice at the school of Nina Vukas. She currently teaches full time at some of Milan's most renowned companies including Mondadori and some of the most well-known yoga centers in Milan . A couple of times a year she returns to her  second home in Los Angeles where she loves to teach at Alo yoga and several other centers such as Yoga West Liberation and Equinox. Soft and fluid practice accompanied by a constant and deep inner breath makes the sequence a meditative dance bringing us into a state of profound psychophysical well-being. She does  not forget the attention, through adjustments, to postural alignment.

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