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Niccolò Giovannini is an MD, PhD obstetrician gynecologist specialist. He received his MD from Milano University (Italy) in 1998 and Ob&Gyn specialization in 2003 after a training in Montpellier, Clermont Fd (France). In 2004 h estarts to work as a consultant in Clermont Fd (France) and afterword in Milano main Maternity Universitary Hospital (Clinica Mangiagalli- Fondazione Policlinico MRE).

In 2008 PhD program was completed with Università degli Studi di Milano with a thesis on “the airborne pollutant impact on fetus and pregnancy” after numerous stage abroad (France and Switzerland, mainly).

Besides conventional clinical activity, numerous humanitarian missions (Haiti, India, Cambodia, Indonesia).

His vision of the complexity of human being “machine” has brought him to integrate traditional and contemporary medicines, beyond dualistic attitude.

Recently, he started promoting gentle birth in conventional clinical settings and in the research field.

In the wide range of his interest, applied nutrition and microbiome studies are merging.

Multiple lectures at national and international has been offered in national and international context.

Recently, he obtained a Yoga Alliance - Teacher Diploma and effectively collaborating with amazonian centre – Unesco recognized - on traditional indigenous medicines. He currently resides in Milano.

Niccolò Giovannini

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