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My journey into the world of Yoga began in 2012: I needed to regain flexibility and strength in my body after the birth of my children, and to my surprise, I realized that along with the body, my mind also became more spacious, flexible, stable, and attentive to what happens beneath the surface.


The practice of yoga helps me overcome real or imaginary limits of the mind, discovering the peace and happiness of being perfect just as we are.


I practiced Kriya Yoga under the guidance of Giovanni Formisano, and then I trained in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, both the first and second series, with Max Gandossi and Silvia Romano at the CentrOlistico in Sesto San Giovanni. I attended workshops and seminars led by David Robson, Laruga Glaser, and Ambra Vallo.

Thanks to Ashtanga Yoga, my love for dynamic styles grew, leading me to discover the world of Rocket Yoga. I took part in the teacher training course with David C. Kyle, Level 1 and 2, and assisted him in his Italian training courses (500 H).

A few years later, I discovered Dharma Yoga and obtained certification under the guidance of Mark Kan, whom I have the honor of assisting with devotion and passion in his training courses and intensive workshops with international students.

I teach and practice Rocket, Vinyasa, and Dharma Yoga, which, in my opinion, work synergistically, putting our hearts and creativity into it.

In June 2023, I obtained certification in Pranayama and Breathwork from Barbara Zerbini and Luca Compare. Breath has always been an integral part of my personal practice and teaching.

Yoga is pure joy for me. As an eternal student, practicing allows me to know myself, and teaching allows me to share.


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