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Inside Flow Masterclass with Ditya Sari

Vibrant, dynamic, and elegant. Inside Flow represents an innovative Vinyasa flow choreography, guided by the rhythm of music and uniquely customized to specific songs. Sunday 26 november, from 4pm to 6pm, 2 hour masterclass with Ditya Sari, the most senior Inside Flow teacher in Italy READ MORE ↓

Inside Flow Masterclass with Ditya Sari
Inside Flow Masterclass with Ditya Sari

Orario & Sede

26 nov 2023, 16:00 – 18:00

Milano, Corso Garibaldi, 77, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

Info sull'evento

Energetic, fluid, and elegant. Inside Flow represents a groundbreaking Vinyasa flow choreography that synchronizes with the music's rhythm and is uniquely tailored to specific songs. However, it offers much more than that! 

Because nothing beats being in the present moment and moving in harmony. The music establishes a connection with your emotional world, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flowing movements, personal expression, and genuine emotions through the magic of yoga. Rooted in the yogic philosophy of "spanda" – the natural pulsation of life – we embody this pulsation through our breath and movements.

During this 2-hour workshop, you will delve into:

  • The art of flowing in sync with the music's beats.
  • The correct way to maintain steady breathing while in constant motion.
  • The simultaneous integration of breath, movement, and music.
  • A complete Inside Flow sequence, focusing on proper alignment.

This class will be guided by Ditya Sari, the first Certified Gold Teacher of Inside Flow in Italy.

This Masterclass is designed for yoga enthusiasts and flow aficionados seeking to enhance their flow techniques, yoga instructors passionate about Inside Flow, and anyone curious about trying something new to invigorate their yoga practice.

Pricing: €40 members, €45 non members 


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