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Yoga has changed me, giving me a life in which I recognize myself, and it still seems incredible to me that this has become my "work".

The physical practice and teaching in gyms have also led me to develop a passion for fitness, incorporating various "Yogic Workout" classes, a series of exercises inspired by yoga practices and sequences, designed for bodyweight training. I train in the gym because strength training is also extremely important, and I collaborate with ASICS as a runner for events and activities. I see sports as a moment where body and mind are not separate but mutually benefit and inspire each other. There is discipline, but also a lot of love.

I participate in courses on foot reflexology, holistic massage, and naturopathy to enrich my holistic preparation in its various facets so that what I offer is more comprehensive. I teach and practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga with the awareness that there is a perfect yoga practice for every body and need. Its goals are self-listening, knowledge of one's body and mind, liberation from harmful thoughts, a strong and flexible body, regardless of what and how one practices on the mat. It is an energetic work.

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