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After a successful decade-long career as a luxury industry manager, Marco encountered yoga in 2007 and practiced it in Dubai, India, and Thailand. Since then, his passion for this ancient discipline has exponentially grown, leading him to explore different parts of the world to deepen his knowledge. India and Thailand have become frequent destinations for immersing himself in the teachings and practices of yoga.

In 2016, he made the decision to leave his managerial career behind and fully dedicate himself to yoga. He obtained his 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher certification in Rishikesh, India. In the same year, Marco further expanded his expertise by studying Thai Massage at renowned institutes such as ITM and Sunshine, becoming a certified Thai massage therapist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In Italy, in 2018, he obtained certifications as a sports and decontracting massage therapist.

In February 2020, Marco achieved the certification of Advanced Multiple Style Yoga Instructor in India, RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA. In 2022, he further enriched his skills by obtaining the Level 2 certification as a Hatha Raja Vinyasa Yoga teacher with Mark Kan. Marco's training is an ongoing journey, with constant participation in workshops and courses conducted by teachers from around the world.

Marco firmly believes that a true teacher is first and foremost a student, always seeking to deepen their knowledge and refine their practice. His diverse experiences and unwavering dedication make him a highly devoted yoga instructor.

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