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Michela is a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher who offers a variety of styles and approaches to meet the needs of her students. With a diverse training background and a special focus on individual needs, Michela creates a positive and inclusive environment where everyone can explore and grow in their yoga practice.

She has completed specialized training courses in various disciplines of yoga, including Hatha Raja Yoga and Rocket with Ambra Vallo, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga. With her skills and knowledge, Michela is able to offer personalized classes that adapt to the needs and experience levels of her students.

A unique aspect of Michela's practice is the use of musical instruments during her classes. Instruments such as the shamanic drum and quartz singing bowls create an atmosphere of sound meditation that helps students deeply relax and connect with their practice.

Michela is known for her positive and encouraging guidance, creating a safe and inspiring environment for her students. Her attention to technical details and her ability to provide personalized modifications and adaptations make her classes accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Through her passion for yoga and her dedication to teaching, Michela is committed to guiding students towards greater awareness of body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to incorporate musical instruments into the practice and create an environment for sound meditation contributes to a unique and transformative experience for her students.

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